Are You the Ideal Green Shine Franchisee?

Green Shine franchise owners come from all different backgrounds, are at many different stages of life and are motivated for different reasons. Quite simply, there is no average Green Shine Franchise. Whether you are a work-from-home parent looking for flexibility to match your family’s busy schedule, a seasoned professional looking for a change but not quite ready to retire,( have staff work for you) or just someone looking to break into vehicle detailing industry, Green Shine provides you the tools to start your ecofriendly vehicle detailing business that matches your lifestyle and goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a franchise is exciting — yet it can be an overwhelming process. This is an investment in your future, so we encourage you to take your time and find out the facts so you can make the best decision for you. Listed below are several of the questions asked most frequently when considering Eco-friendly Detailing Franchise. If you still have questions, please schedule a call with a franchise development manager or request more information to learn more about becoming a travel agency owner.

As with any business, this depends on several factors. While marketing your Green Shine Eco-friendly mobile detailing business is important, the most important factor is you and the effort you invest in your business. We have franchisees who work their business some-time,part-time and full time. It’s completely up to you, but this too will affect your earning potential. While we cannot tell you how much money you will make, during your due diligence period, you’ll have the opportunity to speak with other franchisees about their experiences with running a home-based mobile eco-friendly detailing business. Click here for testimonials from our travel franchise owners.

Why do people need eco-friendly mobile vehicle detailing:
Time is the most prescious resource. Water is our most precious a natural resource.

After I say “yes” to owning a GreenShine Eco Friendly Vehicle Detailing franchise, how soon can I start?

Yes Weekends and Evenings are an option.

A home office will do. Computer, phone. Car or truck will be your office too!

15 years

Yes. We are currently in DuBai, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi.

We ask you to stay within your territory.

Yes. Just fill out our our qualifications form.

If you are passionate about helping people and saving them tons of time and making them proud of the vehicles they are in and managing a growing detailing business opportunity at the same time, then a Green Shine Eco-Friendly may be the right choice for you. We look for people who take a hands-on approach to managing their business and stay involved in their local community. Ask yourself these questions: Do you like making people happy, satisified? Do you have friends and family who call you for advice or suggestions? Do you want to be your own boss? Do you want the flexibility to work where and when you want? If you answered yes to any of these, then you need to be an owner of a Green Shine Eco-Friendly vehicle detailing franchise! If you live by the Golden Rule, then you your business will have no choice but to succeed.

No. But you have experience already. Most likely you've cleaned your own car. Only difference is the car is not yours and your not using water. When buying a franchise, most of the time, no experience is needed, no need to reinvent the wheel. Just follow the systems, procedures and processes and you'll be fine!
Cleaning one vehicle, You'll have success. Clean 50-100 a month with staff or not.. Watch out!! How about 500? If you are happy detailing just two or three vehicles a day, that's ok too! But incentives are in place to help you make more and keep more!