How it Works

Green Shine - Eco-Friendly, Waterless, Mobile Vehicle Care, Everywhere!

A Mobile/Home based Franchise Opportunity that’s convenient for your client, and profitable for you and healthy for our environment.

As a Green Shine franchise owner, you will run your own eco friendly mobile vehicle cleaning and detailing business while having the support and leverage of Green Shine's systems, procedures, processes behind you. As we like to say, you are in business for yourself but never by yourself.

We provide you the training and on-going coaching to start a vehicle detailing service and grow your business. As a Professional Vehicle Detailer, you will earn money helping clients make and keep their vehicles look amazing, from simple waterless car washes to highend detailing jobs for the most expensive vehicles in the world! Yes! Boats and planes too!

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Our model gives you the flexibility to start a home-based/mobile business and work it from with your territory — no storefront is required! As your own boss, you also get to determine a schedule that fits your lifestyle. Work the business full-time, part-time, your time! Bring on staff to help you grow!

No Experience Needed!
We'll Show you how to shine and provide the training and guidance needed.


You can work your business out of your home and on the road. Plus, you set your own hours, so you can work a schedule that fits your lifestyle.

Proven Success

Don’t start from scratch. We’ve spent the last 15 years developing and perfecting tools and processes to ensure your success.

Robust Resources

No need to do everything on your own. With Green Shine, you’ll have access to awesome technology, marketing collateral and support.

Low Cost

Green Shine is one of the most affordable low-cost franchises to own. And with no storefront required, there are virtually no overhead costs. Just reordering products to keep cleaning more vehicles!

276 Million Registered Motor Vehicles!

That's how many registered motor vehicles are in the US that need to be cleaned and detailed at some point! and the Green Shine Homebased, Mobile Waterless Detailing Franchise System is the only waterless system to get the job done!

Green Shine will not only help our environment, by saving our most precious resource, water, it will also help our Franchise owners reach a level of Financial Freedom and Flexibilty not found in the other franchise opportunities.

It's a big world out there, with lots going on, everyone is busy! The last thing many people wish to do is wash their cars, boats or planes! on a beautiful day off or have to go somewhere and sit around for 1 hour or 2 while their vehicle gets cleaned. They have better things to do! We are sure there are better ways to spend more time with family, indulge in their passions! This is where you and Green Shine come in!

As a Green Shine Franchise owner, Green Shine will share with you, the systems, procedures and processes to develop, and maintain a thriving eco-friendly vehicle detailing business that can be conducted just about anywhere a client needs you. At their house? parking lot at work? at the Spa, restaurant? Whether you want to do it on your own or expand by bringing on others do to the work for you, vehicle washes and Detailing services can command a nice premium for from a simple clean for $25, which will take about 20 to 30 mins to highend sports car that needs major work $150 or more for about 1 1/2 hours of work! Yes! People are paying these amounts! With a Green Shine Franchise, you are saving them time and money and making their vehicles look brand new!

Our Low Cost Franchise Fee of $7995 includes everything to jumpstart your new eco-friendly vehicle detailing business!

Vacuum, dual action polisher, marketing supplies, ie..Green Shine Car door magnets, bumper stickers, business card template and cleaning supplies for 100 vehicles and detailing products for 10 vehicles including full line of our nano ceramic product. Of course, our top notch franchise support!

Many franchise companies have initial franchise investment costs that can be four times as much as a Green Shine Franchise.

Green Shine offers incentives for active and retired military, first responders and previous detailing professionals.

Why Green Shine

With 15 years of auto detailing experience and the nation’s fastest growing vehicle detailing network, Green Shine, knows what it takes for you to be successful in your new home based/mobile vehicle detailing business.

Green Shine's business-in-a-box model (combined with much heart,soul and personal attention) gives you everything you need to grow your own successful homebased\mobile vehicle detailing business and expand it around the country or the world!

A Franchise for those that want maximum life time!

Are You the Ideal Green Shine Franchisee?

Green Shine franchise owners come from all different backgrounds, are at many different stages of life and are motivated for different reasons. Quite simply, there is no average Green Shine Franchise. Whether you are a work-from-home parent looking for flexibility to match your family’s busy schedule, a seasoned professional looking for a change but not quite ready to retire,( have staff work for you) or just someone looking to break into vehicle detailing industry, Green Shine provides you the tools to start your ecofriendly vehicle detailing business that matches your lifestyle and goals.